Top 10 Best Islamic Apps of 2022 that Every Muslim Should Have. These Best Ramadan Applications help Muslims to Mange their prayer times.

Published on: 11/18/21, 9:48 AM

In some cases, you may experience statistical consequences after reducing the link. Have you analyzed why that happened? If not, we can predict the reasons for the short URL malfunction. There are some common mistakes when shortening links, which can take you away from the success of the link.

Published on: 2/22/21, 5:20 PM now offers a new standard of customization for testing purposes - Previous domains were created based on the customer's email address; domains will be built in alphabetical order and in the most orderly. For example, or

Published on: 2/22/21, 5:17 PM

Schools are advancing in 100% paperless work, with teachers and students using multiple links in the classroom.

Published on: 2/22/21, 5:14 PM

Today, on the blog, we'll show how to set features automatically for the newly created short URLs. Each time a link is shortened, it has an automatically implemented link cloaking, password protection, link expiration, and UTM tags.

Published on: 2/22/21, 5:11 PM

How to open an app on a particular page is done via mobile or in-depth links. The main difference of the methods is that the deep links apply to your mobile app because. That’s because deep link settings require app code modification.

Published on: 2/22/21, 5:04 PM

Integrate with Amplitude to receive detailed statistical data. The integration lets tracking the success of short URLs in a form of graphs and charts.

Published on: 2/22/21, 4:59 PM
Published on: 2/22/21, 4:56 PM

With Hypertext and HTTP, URL is one of the key concepts of the Web. It is a method used by browsers to find any service published on the web.

Published on: 2/12/21, 11:32 AM

Shortcuts URL makes sharing long links easy - Say you want to provide a link to a business card, ad, or other situation where the link is incorrect. The abbreviated URL takes up less space, is easier to remember and keeps your text neat.

Published on: 2/10/21, 7:08 PM