6 Mistakes to Avoid when Shortening URLs

In some cases, you may experience statistical consequences after reducing the link. Have you analyzed why that happened? If not, we can predict the reasons for the short URL malfunction. There are some common mistakes when shortening links, which can take you away from the success of the link.

Errors while shortening links
1. Random slug
Using random slug is the most common mistake among short link creators. Users often don’t want to spend one minute editing a slug, thinking that something so small doesn’t affect the success of the link. However, recent A / B experiments have shown that short-lived customized slug links increase CTR by up to 30% compared to random.

Remember to use words that attract customer attention; it could be something that emphasizes an article or benefits of a website, for example, ‘discount-today’, ‘important links’, ‘increasing CTR’, and so on.

2. Standard domain
Using standard domains is the worst mistake you should avoid. Let's explain why.

When you share common links, you are not promoting your product; is promoting another product. Suppose you do not want to promote the reduction service you are using; you must purchase a domain name to represent the brand only.

By using standard domains, there is no opportunity to tell customers about your product. Apart from you, other companies may also use the same domain for making the same short URL. As a result, there is no difference between your links and your competitors' links. Because of branded domains, your company is distinguished and easily recognizable.

Some URL shortcuts provide customers with a standard domain to test the app. However, a common domain is used with spam, so they often tarnish its reputation. Trademark domains are reliable, as users can see the brand name, which enhances the link. Your company's personal domain only and is not affected by spam.
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3. Uses capital letters including slug
Do not use capital letters in slug. Makes users click the extra button. Because of this, customers do not want to waste time entering a complex URL.
You can be sure that easy-to-access links are more expensive than unreadable ones.

4.Create links without tracking statistics
Short.io provides detailed statistics on customer usage. It helps to check statistics every time you share a short link. Accordingly, it analyzes the behavior of users and decides which links are most effective. Future marketing strategies can be developed based on data collected.

5. Creates links outside UTM limits
UTM parameters extend the opportunity to track short links because they help to track where traffic is coming from. This tool is especially used in advertising and marketing campaigns.

You can set different UTM values ​​depending on the purpose of the campaign. If there is a button, link, pop-up window, or banner, you can paste UTM tags to track performance. When publishing a link to other social networks, use different resource parameters to track the performance of each traffic channel.

Short.io provides all pricing plans with the UTM tag tool. Just create a token link and paste UTM parameters. Statistics are displayed in Short.io or Google Analytics.

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The conclusion
In view of all the errors mentioned above, I hope you will now be able to create links that will be a success for the future with skrocket CTR. Pay attention to any options - even small ones. Who knows what will bring you the highest engagement?

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Published on: 2/22/21, 5:20 PM