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How to open an app on a particular page is done via mobile or in-depth links. The main difference between the methods is that the deep links apply to your mobile app because. That’s because deep link settings require app code modification.

Mobile links, on the other hand, can be used for all mobile applications. Available in app package names. The most important requirement is that the app is installed on guest phones. If not, a link will be opened in the browser.

Today, on the blog, we will show you how to create a short link that opens a particular contact with a specific WhatsApp message.

There are two ways to redirect visitors to a WhatsApp chat with a predefined message.

This way works properly only if you have added a number to the list of contacts. Otherwise, the link will redirect to a list of your WhatsApp contacts.

Enter a phone number in international format without +

In this way:

If you want to include a built-in message in your link, add? Text = finally:

Example: How are you

All link: you are

1. Go to

2. Shorten your link.

2. Shorten your link.


Now click the short URL...Voila! You are redirected to the contact with the specific message.

Source: &

II. API.WhatsApp
This method works on both iOS and Android and allows sending messages to people, who are not in your contacts list.

You need to specify the phone in global format with +:

And if you want to include a built-in message in your link, add & text = finally text:

All links:! How are you?

1. Go to

2. Shorten your link.

Now click on the short URL ... After that, you will be redirected to contact with a specific message.


The conclusion
The usage cases described above are just examples of how you can use Universal links. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Gmail can also use this feature, but make sure these apps are installed on your users' mobiles. features
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Published on: 2/22/21, 5:04 PM