Customize Clubhouse Links for Social Networks

1. Shorten the Clubhouse link to share and mark.

By adding a custom domain to, for example, www. clubhouse. live, you will make Clubhouse links smaller, save characters when you share a link to Twitter or SMS.

Also, customize the slug to create a fully productive short URL like In slug, remember to use words that attract customer attention; it could be a reference to an event theme, for example, 'English-lesson,' 'marketing-hacks,' and 'AI.'

2. Customize Open Graph metadata to improve a URL's preview.

Although Clubhouse provides a link preview, it is not as informative as it could be. With, add a customized title, image, and description to promote your event better. You can even add a photo that includes an event name, participants, hosts, date, and time. It is similar to how Clublink works, but additionally, the link you share is short.


How to Set Up Open Graph Metadata


3. Instantly share to social networks.

After you have customized the link, it's time to share it on social media to invite people. On, it's a 2-click action. You just select a social channel and click 'Share.' After that, the link is published to your timeline. From, you can share links to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Pinterest.


4. Track detailed statistics.

With statistics, you can analyze the behavior of participants. Tracking analysis helps to determine which social networks drive more traffic. That will allow you to build future events based on the insights.



The clubhouse is a top app for bloggers and everyone who promotes their personal brand. Launch events and create customized short URLs to improve social media interaction.

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Published on: 2/22/21, 4:56 PM